Shannon is a young person living with mental health issues and knows their way around health services.

They have learnt to be an excellent self advocate, and knows they have rights.

For several years they had been trying to have a Mental Health Services case management plan put in place so that they could get holistic care. Their private psychiatrist wrote many letters of referral over the years.

When they could no longer afford private psychiatry, and again attempted to gain access to case management, they felt a Mental Health Services practitioner made insulting comments.

They knew they were able to make a complaint about this, and that the organisation should respond.

Shannon wrote a letter of complaint and asked their advocate to look at it and provide feedback. Then they then lodged the complaint themselves and followed up with the Department to find out when they could expect a response.

As the weeks went by Shannon remained distressed by the comments, and asked their advocate to get in touch with the Department on their behalf as they hadn’t heard back.

When the Department responded, Shannon was given an apology that satisfied them, and a reassessment of their care needs which has enabled them to access the vital mental health services they need.

Shannon’s advocate said, “Shannon knew they’d been disrespected, and knew it wasn’t right. They needed a sounding board, somebody to listen, and then they did most of the work themselves. I’m so glad Shannon reached out, and that they know it’s ok to ask for help – again and again if they need to.”

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