‘Your say’ advocacy is all about helping you to be heard and fixing problems whether big or small.

Your advocate will listen so they can understand your situation.  

They will provide you with information and options so that you can decide what you would like done to fix your problem. You will also decide if you’d like your advocate to act on your behalf. This could be by raising the problem with a service provider or making a complaint.

You may decide to deal with your problem yourself and the advocate will have done their job by helping you get information so you could decide on a way forward to address the issue. Sometimes, you might still want the advocate to help you but behind the scenes, keeping the advocate’s support known only to you and our service.

We know that whatever you decide will always be the best decision for you. We know that you are your own expert when it comes to what is best for you!

Of course, everything we do for you is: free, confidential, independent and professional.