A well-deserved win and a whole new lease on life!

Being granted a wheelchair accessible home shouldn’t have to feel like ‘winning the lottery’ but unfortunately it did for our client Judi.

Judi had been happily living in a private rental when injuries reduced her mobility and required the use of a wheelchair. Without a ramp and without a wheelchair-accessible bathroom and laundry, Judi was unable to leave the house or live normally, for months.

She contacted government departments for assistance.
She was refused or ignored. Repeatedly.

She persisted, contacting politicians.
She was refused or ignored. Repeatedly.

Judi battled on.

But after she had received another negative response, this time from the social housing provider, Judi contacted Advocacy Tasmania. Our advocate worked with Judi and contacted the social housing provider and Judi’s Housing Support Worker, as well as exploring other housing options for her.

Our advocate was repeatedly told ‘no’.

And finally, in February, after many unnecessary ‘no’s’ and Judi’s story being told by on ABC news, Homes Tasmania offered Judi a lease. A lease that, as she says, felt like ‘winning the lottery’ or a ‘whole new lease on life’.

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