Our CEO, Leanne Groombridge, said ‘we’re thrilled that from 265 nominations we have been selected as one of the finalists in the Community Award. This is fabulous recognition of our work, and the team should feel very proud of their achievements.

Working for our clients to have their rights restored is what we do day-to-day. Without our support, our clients’ rights would likely continue to be ignored. So, we will keep going with this important work and make services and systems accountable and respectful of human rights.

In the last few years, we’ve campaigned tirelessly to change Tasmania’s broken guardianship and administration system – the oldest and most draconian in the country.

Guardianship and administration systems, across Australia, are inherently cruel and dehumanising. They treat people as being less than human and make them fight, often for years, to enjoy basic human rights. This is a true national shame.

Our human rights work will continue until this system is replaced.’