The ABC Four Corners ‘State Control’ report exposes the stories of Australians who say they’ve been virtually abducted by the state, stripped of their assets and stopped from speaking out, until now.

People under the control of Guardians and the Public Trustee are gagged from speaking out.

Journalists who identify them can be criminally charged.

The ABC had to go to the Supreme Courts in Queensland and Western Australia to win the right to show the public for the first time how tens of thousands of Australians live under state control.

This reporting was the culmination of a year-long investigation which resulted in a public apology from the Queensland state government, instigated two inquiries and subsequently won a number of awards.

We congratulate the ABC Four Corners team of Anne Connolly (Reporter), Ali Russell (Producer) and Stephanie Zillman (Researcher) for their fearless reporting.

Watch ABC Four Corners State Control on ABC iview, or read the long-scroll story Trapped, stripped of assets, and silenced. And it’s all perfectly legal.