Jill used our Outreach Service

Jill used our Outreach Service

Our Outreach Advocate, Claire, helps clients who don’t want to meet face to face but want help with an issue and support to have their say.  This help is generally provided by phone or email.

Jill phoned and told Claire that she had used opioids and that she has an acquired brain injury.  She was finding it difficult to get a new doctor as she said it was hard to talk to people and she gets angry quickly.

Jill and Claire talked through Jill’s concerns and her rights.  They worked out a plan that involved Claire contacting medical practices to see if they were taking patients.  They agreed on what Claire would say to each medical practice when she called.  Jill wanted to be upfront about her situation, so she asked Claire to explain to each of the practices about what was happening for her.  Claire contacted five medical practices that were close to Jill’s home to see if they would take Jill on as a patient.  One of the practices was happy to see Jill and their Practice Manager agreed to talk to Jill instead of her needing to go through their receptionist for an appointment.

Claire got back to Jill with all of the feedback that she had received from each practice.  She explained that one practice had agreed that they could take Jill on as a patient and that they said they had lots of experience with patients who had similar issues.  Jill was really happy that Claire had found a practice that understood her situation and that she would be able to have her medical needs met without feeling discriminated against or judged.

Jill said that before contacting Advocacy Tasmania she had felt really hopeless and discriminated against as she was having no luck getting a new doctor.  She said it was great to know what her rights were and that she felt confident in now making an appointment and finding a good doctor that would not judge her.