Help with the NDIS

Help with the NDIS

John who has Cerebral Palsy, contacted us about accessing the NDIS. He told Duncan, his Advocate, that he became eligible for NDIS services on 1 July 2018, but that the planning process was delayed by six months due to the NDIS deciding that his service access was ‘low priority.’ John told Duncan that he thought this was unfair and that his needs were not being met due to the delays. Duncan told John about his rights, they discussed what options were available and then John decided what he wanted to happen. Duncan then went to work on what John had decided.

Duncan contacted the NDIS Manager who lodged a request to expedite the process and later confirmed services should be available within a ‘relatively short time.’
After further delays, Duncan had to contact another manager who said that John would not be serviced by the NDIS prior to January 2019. Duncan made further attempts to resolve the issue and wrote to more senior managers. The response was that John would not receive NDIS services any sooner than January 2019 due to their assessment that the current state disability services were adequate.

Duncan then helped John to lodge a formal complaint against the NDIS. This was rejected as they said that the local NDIS were working appropriately within their policy framework.
Duncan again discussed next steps with John and John decided, with Duncan’s support, that he would contact his local Members of Parliament to see if anything else could be done. One of the Members of Parliament agreed to write to the NDIS about John’s situation.

This time it worked! John was able to access the NDIS the following week and his NDIS plan was approved within fourteen days. John’s NDIS Plan included a new motorised wheelchair, a 100% increase in social support hours, additional access and support with employment services, and full-time support for personal care when he goes on his holiday to Sydney..

John said, ‘I’d like to have enough money in my NDIS plan to employ you (Duncan) full time to help me manage all my stuff.’ John was very happy with the outcome.