COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

We’re all still working and ready to help you…

We have advocates available to help you have your say and work out ways to fix your problems or concerns.

We know it is a really difficult time, but no issue is too big or small for us to work on. And, we can help on all the things we usually do as well as COVID 19 issues. If something is worrying you or just doesn’t feel right, you would like something to change or you would just like some information, then we can help.

We may have had to change some of the ways we work but we are ready and keen to work for you. We have also planned how we will be able to continue to work even if things change further.

Please give us a call, send a text or email via the contacts page. Or, ask someone to get in touch with us and we can work out the best way to contact you.

Most importantly, look after yourself and others as best you can.