Mental Health Tribunal Representation Scheme (MHTRS)

We coordinate a group of volunteer representatives who support people to appear before the Mental Health Tribunal (MHT). The MHT is responsible for mental health treatment orders, which can require people to remain in hospital and receive involuntary treatment.

Prior to the launch of the MHTRS in 2003, people were often unrepresented at a time when major decisions about their liberty and life choices were being decided.

Last year the MHTRS provided support to over 1100 individuals, including 240 hearings where individuals were supported in person by volunteer representatives.

The MHTRS relies on its committed and statewide volunteers to provide this invaluable support. If you are interested in becoming a representative, or you want to learn more about how the Mental Health Act operates in Tasmania, you can complete our online training package here.

You can contact our MHTRS Coordinator on 1800 005 131 or by email at

  • The person you sent to go with me to my Hearing was wonderful. I was so nervous and I just don’t think I could have done it without her. If I have to go again will you please send someone along.–Rachel

  • It was nice to have someone to just sit with me at the Hearing. I have nobody else who can help me to understand what is going on. Thank you.–Harry

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Two of our volunteers receiving a Hobart City Council award.