Board of Governance

Our organisation is governed by a dedicated Board of Governance who bring a wealth of lived and professional experience to their roles. Board members are appointed by the organisation’s membership for three years periods and are responsible for our ongoing purpose and strategic direction.

Our current Consitution is available here (PDF Format).

Executive Board Members

Kellie Peart | President
David Pearce | Vice-President
Michael Bonsey | Treasurer
Ben Bartl | Secretary

Board Members

Alison Lai
Emma Livingston
Patrick Eadington
Zita Mitchell

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Our Vision

A caring, equitable and inclusive society.

Our Mission

Advocacy Tasmania Inc. exists to support Tasmanians through the provision of independent ‘Your Say’ advocacy and works for change on issues affecting its consumers.

Guiding Principles

  1. We are independent and consumer directed
  2. We work with integrity
  3. We are inclusive
  4. We are accountable

Key Strategies

Strategy 1: Human Rights and Decision Support
  1. Uphold and support the rights of our consumers
  2. Provide an open and inclusive service
  3. Provide human rights education
Strategy 2: Consumer Engagement
  1. Model best practice consumer engagement through our own practice
  2. Support consumers to engage with organisations and government on matters that impact on them and their peers
Strategy 3: Sustainability and Growth
  1. Secure ongoing funding through both existing and new funding sources
  2. Contribute proactively to relevant systemic issues
  3. Promote the Advocacy Tasmania Inc. brand and value